No more half measures, Walter.
I think it’s in a Matt Taibbi book I read this thing about how the city of Chicago had a budget shortfall, and to plug a hole in their budget deficit, they basically leased all the parking meters in Chicago to Goldman Sachs for 99 years for one lump sum. It was like, $6 billion or something, they get all the parking meters. It seems like, “Oh, all right, they plugged their budget, that’s good, you’re supposed to not run a deficit.” The problem is that there are all these city ordinances in Chicago that prohibited increases or limited increases in parking meters, so once they leased them to a private company like Goldman Sachs, it was like, “Oh, that’s gone now.” So Goldman Sachs overnight doubled the amount it cost to park in Chicago. So in the very short term, the city of Chicago plugged a hole in their deficit. In the very long term they’re screwing over everybody who lives in Chicago, and also they’re losing this future stream of revenue.

Michael Schur (Showrunner for Parks and Recreation)

God DAMMIT, that’s exactly what Indiana just did! How the hell did we make this bad decision in the very same way as they did?